"Yeah… yeah of course. I’m a really fast learner, but… I guess we’ll go over that sort of stuff in the interview. How does um… tomorrow morning sound? Bright and early?" It wasn’t like she slept much anyway. Still, part of her really hoped she got this job, because maybe, if she made some changes, she’d be worth of the man who had taken her heart completely by surprise. "Thank you, so much, for giving me a chance, Mr. Royals."

"Tomorrow morning sounds good," he told her, smiling brightly down at her. "I’m usually at the boutique around 5:00, to get things started, and finished from the previous day, and the boutique is open at 8:00, so between 5:00 - 7:30, would be best. Just come on by when you’re ready," Thomas informed her, and nodded, smile still firmly in place, "You’re more than welcome, though it’s really no problem. I’m happy to give you a chance. Everyone deserves one."


I was greatly inspired by that gif set. So I made the thing a full song.  



The anger is boiling within, I am 500% done

A Kingdom full of morons, I’ll associate with none. 

My head is pounding from my struggles deep inside

Couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I’ve tried.

"Do all your work," that’s what they say

"Just be yourself and it’ll be okay!"

And yet they turn and hope you’ll fall

But don’t you bawl!

Fuck it all, fuck it all!

Forget all these freaking chores

Fuck it all, fuck it all!

Even fuck this song’s chorus.

I won’t take this bullshit anymore

I don’t give a fuck… my homework and duties are all a bore

It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small

and the duties that once chained me won’t get to me at all

I’ll finally quit, won’t even care 

Forget make-up or straightening my hair

No work, no insecurities for me

Fuck it all, fuck it all! 

You are all peasants to me

Fuck it all, fuck it all

My indifference gives me glee

I won’t take this bullshit anymore

I don’t give a fuck

The cares are flying quickly out of both my hands

Society can screw itself, you won’t ruin my plans

And one thought feeds another (by chance or by luck)

I’m never going back, cuz I don’t give a fuuuuck


Won’t give a shit anymore

Fuck it all, fuck it all

Flip the table, screw you all

I won’t take this bullshit anymore


My homework and duties are all a bore.

(via sciencewithashield)